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From its early days as the “Gateway to the West” to its modern reputation for being the best place to live, Pittsburgh, PA serves an integral role in U.S. history and in the current cultural and business landscape.

Pittsburgh’s rich history includes serving as an industrial hub for coal mining and steel production and is now known as a hub for advanced technology and small business success. Many new technology companies and Fortune 500 companies, such as Uber, Lyft, Google, and Facebook, have been drawn to the city’s highly -skilled workforce and thriving business environment, opening up locations to take advantage of Pittsburgh’s growing market, as well as,  it’s foodie scene and rich cultural events in the surrounding 10 counties that make up our region.

We hope you enjoy your trip here and that you will learn to love Pittsburgh as much as we are proud to call it home!

Watch these Videos and Learn More about our amazing City!

Pittsburgh: Mighty and Beautiful!
Watch an brief overview of Pittsburgh and all that it offers. Take this quick tour of around town and see all of the areas you can visit while you are here! Enjoy!
Above Pittsburgh
Enjoy an aerial view of Pittsburgh. It's sites from all around town. Our parks, our famous River and Point. The city and our neighborhoods are all waiting for you to visit!
250 Years of Innovation
Learn where Pittsburgh got it's famous H. From George Washington to the Soldiers and Sailors Museum and all of the history. Lois and Clark, and McGuffey readers, and suspension bridges.
Fort Pitt Tunnel
What does it take to maintain a tunnel that is a leading artery in to the city of Pittsburgh? Learn more about the Fort Pitt Tunnel and why it is the soul of our city!
The Steel City
Steel Mills have been a part of Pittsburgh's history since Andrew Carnegie was pennyless. Learn more about how why Steel is the backbone of the city we call home.
Time Magazine - The Comeback
Pittsburgh is a city that will surprise you... It is beautiful. No more are the days of run down mills and smoke. With 100's of bridges to keep our city growing, learn about our comeback.
What to Do in Pittsburgh
Learn more about our secret gems. Randyland, Bakeries, Rivers, Restaurants, Watch this video if you would like to find some of the perfect gems hidden away in the city.
Heart of the City: The STEELERS
If you know anything about Pittsburgh you know that in 1972 that changed the face of Football. Learn about the Immaculate reception and all of the Pittsburgh great! Join the STEELER Nation.
Pittsburgh's History
A quick look at Pittsburgh's history and how we have become known as the City of Steel! Take a minute to learn our rich history from our rivers to the current day.
The Steel City - Sights and Eats
A guide to Pittsburgh's communities and the sights and eats. Pierogies, Strip District, Kielbasa and other points of interest. Learn a bit about our history of food.
Favorite places to Dine!
Showcasing 3 restaurants in Pittsburgh from fish and Chips, Donuts and Fresh and Fried option. Tastes from all over the world including Irish and Mexican choices!
Music in Pittsburgh!
Grassroots of Pittsburgh Music. A documentary taking a look at the music of our city, it's influences and how it influences our region. From the 1800's to the current seen.
Are those Fries on your Sandwich?
World Famous Primanti Brother Sandwiches.. The history of why there are fries on our sandwiches. Starting in 1930, this sandwich has been a staple in our town! A must try!
Where to Eat in Pittsburgh
From fish sammiches, pepperoni rolls to cinnamon rolls and biscotti. You haven't seen anything yet.. We love fries on everything watch one foodie take a trip to all of the hot spots!
Yinz need to know what we're saying!
Visiting Pittsburgh means learning "our" language and how it plays into our culture. We're not Jaggin you.. You may want to watch this... especially if you are nebby. See Yinz soon!
Pittsburgh N'At with Mr.McFeeley
Learn what makes Pittsburgh one of the greatest cities in the world. Mr. Rodgers, Pittsburgheeze, Kennywood, Primanti's, The North Hills, the South Hills, and our Sports!

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