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Lifescan Wellness

Experts consider police officers and firefighters to have the highest risk for heart disease, pulmonary disease and cancer of any occupation. With the ever increasing extreme physical requirements, high stress environments, and chaotic schedules police and fire departments must look towards new methods of prevention and intervention to protect the health and ensure the longevity of your most valuable assets…your employees.  Life Scan Wellness Centers is the largest and most trusted provider nationally of annual public safety fit-for-duty and wellness exams. Including post-offer candidate exams, OSHA respiratory protection programs, vaccines, and general employee exams at the same time integrating a model of early detection and prevention.

Life Scan Wellness Center’s Comprehensive NFPA 1582 integrated physicals with enhanced screening assessment  for Cancer and Heart Diseases has a proven record with over 22 years of experience caring for over 40,000 first responders annually in 370 departments and 17 states
Life Scan Wellness Centers firefighter and police physical exams can be tailored to fit the specific needs of municipalities, counties, and state organizations.
We recognize the vital importance of combining the key components of health, wellness, and fitness to produce the healthiest, most productive firefighters and police officers.

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